Bobcat Services

Excavations – if in doubt, dig it out!.

When you are going to build, don’t you want it done right? Let us sort out the hole mess. Get it? Because an excavation is a hole!… anyway, whether it is a simple cut and fill or a multi-geotech layered fill, we apply the same do it right attitude to following the excavation plan as we do to your floor.

Section cleaning / rubbish removal

Bobcat pick up rubbish. Put on Truck. Truck take to dump. Simple.


If you need a  hole, have a supply of them. From 300 to 600mm  up to 3m deep, we have the hole for you! If you are retaining something, we can also chuck a pole in the hole, then fill the pole hole with something… cole? Or concretey anyway. Ask us about your hole requirements and we will do our best to fill them. Damn that could be taken wrong…